Leslie Yerkes | Author-Speaker-Consultant

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Leslie Yerkes | Author-Speaker-Consultant
I believe in being a catalyst for healthy change. Throughout my career, I have helped hundreds of organizations grow and evolve into stronger, more profitable, more productive entities. I facilitate change in a way that minimizes stress,  maximizes improvements to the working environment, and sustains quality of life for all involved.

Smart work starts at the top. I work with leaders to develop strategies and design systems that work. Then I help them acquire the skills and personnel to implement them. In a typical consulting project, some or all of these services are provided.

My writing and speaking reflect and sustain this methodology.

We help our clients define long-term goals and help them structure methods for achieving them. We assist with helping them drive the goals throughout the organization and its members.

We help our clients create systems and structure that support their strategic plan and sustain positive change within the organization and team members.

We help our clients enhance their leadership and management capabilities, develop supervisory skills and accountability systems, build service teams, facilitate quality improvement, innovation, and diversity, and provide crisis intervention, such as dealing with violence in the workplace.

For our clients, we facilitate meetings, retreats, and planning sessions. We also provide keynote and motivational presentations for their events. Our learning experiences, called workouts, range from one to five days and are designed and facilitated by Catalyst Consulting. Workouts are interactive, skill-based, and objective driven. Participants learn to use successful interpersonal techniques that replicate positive results on a consistent basis.

As an agent of change, Leslie has the rare gift of listening first to understand a situation, and only then forms a cogent, well-designed intervention that involves all key stakeholders. This approach, in turn, quickly establishes trust and builds a stronger organizational team that is unified around a common mission, vision, and values.

Micahel Bilinitzer

Associate Executive Director, Empowering and Strengthening Ohio's People , Cleveland OH

Our organization has benefited immeasurably from completion of the MAP/Excel program. We have also become more of a learning organization. What began as an effort to build competency with a small group of managers has led to a host of positive changes that are being felt throughout the organization.

Pete Accorti

Vice President Operations, Talan Products, Inc., Cleveland OH

I help clients create and maintain healthy and sustainable organizations using these tools


We provide guidance and insight based on our experience and your intention.


Helping you and your employees improve their performance.


Through our targeted speeches, we inform, educate, cajole, convince, energize, and inspire.


Sharing knowledge and asking questions through blogs, social media, newsletters, and email.


Best-selling books on topics that matter to you with action steps that produce results.


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Knowledge, wisdom, and experience that will improve lives as well as your business. ffffff


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I hope you will allow me to be your gateway to the latest in organizational development and your personal adviser on making your business grow. Please contact me for speaking availability and fees.

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